5 Exciting Things to do in PhuketWith the fine white sand, the nodding palm trees and the glittering seas, Phuket is home to one of the finest beaches in the world. It offers fresh seafood, great weather, friendly people, and tons of options for travellers on every budget. Phuket is located approximately 860 kilometres south of Bangkok. This beautiful Thailand’s playground offers a rich variety of experiences – beach-bumming, culture, diving, fabulous food, hedonistic or holistic pleasures – that visitors are spoilt for choice. No wonder it is referred as ” Pearl of the South”. It is ideal for families, couples and water sports enthusiasts. Here are top 5 things to do Phuket:Koh Phi Phi Beach is a picture postcard beach with an almost too perfect look that you might imagine it is drawn by a top artist.  It has the softest, whitest sand, and the waters are crystal clear and inviting; who wouldn’t want to idyl away a day soaking up the amazing location while topping up the tan? Further away is the alluring Kata Noi Beach, which sits near the island’s southern tip, at the end of a narrow cul-de-sac. Even more secluded: Ao Yon Beach, a sleepy little cove slung with coconut trees, and blissfully free of amenities and resorts. Just a short hop by car or bike away from this beach you will discover the Maya Bay that features the stunning Viking Cave.There is something quite mesmeric about the cacophony of colours and noises that await at the Phuket Town Weekend Night Market. Explore the tiny colourful stalls and you will find fruits, old curiosities animals and lovely clothes. It is often being accompanied by street performances and music. Hot food vendors also do a roaring trade, so they can be a great place to have your evening meal, experience genuine Thai street food and shop in cool comfort, all at the same time. It is one of the best experience you should not miss in Phuket.Phuket has a rich history and some of that can still be seen today.  Over years, Chinese, Portuguese, Malay, Indian and Arab Influences have combined with the tradition of the Chao Naam creating a rich multicultural society. While in Phuket you might want to find time to explore some of the most attractive architecture on the island which also to some excellent restaurant where holidaymakers can enjoy a taste of the fiery local cuisine.Well, maybe that is obvious, but the fact remains that although Phuket is often an overlooked destination with travellers favouring Bangkok, however, do not confuse this for “not as good”.  Tourists may have a blind spot on the location, but the locals sure can cook up a Thai storm. Unless you are in the minority of hometowns that have a truly authentic Thai restaurant, be prepare to be blown away.  This does not resemble English takeout food in any way, but it is absolutely stunning and delicious. Be ready to overeat during your stay here!


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