Group replies President Buhari on youths’ comment

“We Nigerian youth are not lazy, We are not waiting for oil money. We are educated and we don’t want everything free. “This was the response of Congress of Nigerian Youth (CONYO) to President Muhammadu Buhari’s statement.

Yesterday, President Buhari, while speaking at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Westminster, said many Nigerian youths are waiting to get free things from the government.

The SouthWest Coordinator of CONYO, Paul Ogunkoya, stated that the youth body was quite disappointed with the statement of the president, stating that the president didn’t use the right word to describe the youths in Nigeria.

“Rather than ridicule us in the eyes of the world, our leaders should actually apologise to us for consistently rewarding mediocrity and relegating excellence, thereby encouraging laziness.

“I urge all Nigerian youths, who constitute about 70 per cent of the population to rise up in 2019 and make a statement at the polls through the ballot, using their PVCs, by voting credible, visionary, selfless youths across the board.

In 2019 let’s reply #PMB statement that Nigerian youths are lazy and just want free oil money with our votes let us all stand and #SayNoToBuhari. It is high time we youths stood up to take up the leadership mantle.
Our objectives now are to get articulated with this drive to pursue away these looters and corrupt leaders in power across the length and breadth of Nigeria, irrespective of their party affiliations or ethnic fundamentalism.
Youths arise! Let’s take our country back from the Old baboons.
Amb. Ogunkoya O. Paul
Southwest Coordinator

Congress Of Nigerian Youth (CONYO)


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