Guides to Buying a Mixer and Blender for your KitchenKitchen appliances have grown from kitchen “wants to needs” in the modern day kitchen set-up. And this is very much understandable because they make work easier and get the job done faster. Be you a chef that cooks professionally (for a living), or just a food enthusiast who live fondling around with food and lots of recipe, or an food-kitchen aficionado, you must have one time or the other used either of these: Blenders, Mixers, Food Processor, Microwave Ovens, Juicers, Fridge, Freezers etc.

To continue, you’d agree that these things ease up the creative processes in the kitchen. Two of these appliances that have cemented its spot in the kitchen of almost every home are Blenders and Mixers.
Searching for a new blender or mixer to buy as an addition to your kitchen’s appliance arsenal could be a daunting task — there are hundreds of them out there, with different features and price tag. This is why we would talk about some of the things you should look for when shopping for a new blender.

There are many designs and types of blenders and mixers out there. Majority of them are designed with the following in mind: intended use and volume of usage.

This is also called the “Immersion Blender”. It is small in size, mostly used in blending soft fruit and vegetables, and has little storage space for whatever it is you are blending or mixing. It is also relatively less expensive but it takes more time to blend. This is perfect to have in the kitchen if you are on a low spending budget and do not occasionally blend stuff in your kitchen.

Also known as Countertop or Tabletop blenders, they usually are more voluminous and blends faster, efficiently and more effectively than Hand blenders. Countertop blenders are mostly preferred as they also they can blend both soft and hard ingredients (though not too hard). The price point of these blenders are also considerably affordable.
Bullet Blender
In addition, you can transform these blenders to a “Bullet Blender” for even thorough blending. A Tabletop blender is usually found in most household and used to make milkshakes, smoothies etc. Bullet blenders are sometimes sold as standalone blenders and are costlier but more powerful and faster.


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