NDLEA intercepts over 4 tonnes of tramadol at Lagos airport


…Health Minister commends agency’s action
The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), on Thursday, intercepted over four tones of drugs confirmed to be Tramadol concealed in several cartons from the Skypower Aviation Handling Company (SAHCOL) shed at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, (MMIA) Lagos.

This is coming less than two weeks the Tin Can Island Port command of the Nigeria Customs Service intercepted two container loads of the prohibited Tramadol tablets smuggled into the country from India at the Tin-Can Island port in Lagos.

Commander of NDLEA, MMIA Special Area Command, Garba Ahmadu, who disclosed the latest seizure at their Lagos airport office on Thursday, said the cartons which came in from India on 23rd April, 2018 and on 25th April 2018 contain capsules with 225 milligrams and tablets of 120 milligram which is above the approved milligrams by the government.

Ahmadu condemned the activities of drug peddlers, pointing out that the latest seizure goes to show that Tramadol is becoming a serious problem in Nigeria, not only in the northern part but also in the southern part of the country.

The Commander, who told journalists that the Tramadol which they removed from SAHCOL shed on Thursday were coming in via Etihad cargo, added that the total number of drugs came by five waybills, with four of the waybills weighing about 3, 615 kg excluding the last one.

On how they were able to track the drug peddlers, Ahmadu said: “We had an “intell” from our foreign collaborators; and when we got the report, we started working on it. We first wrote the company that brought the cargo on 2nd May.

We got the waybill and we started keeping the cargo on hold for some time while we monitored it from outside to know if somebody will come to claim it or whether an agent will come and clear the cargo”.

While pointing out that the seizure has nothing to do with the Nigeria Customs Services (NCS), the commander stated that “it has nothing to do with Customs; it is just that we are working with intelligence.

Customs does not know anything about this thing. You can clarify independently from SAHCOL when we have been working on this.


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