Superfood Vanilla Latte Recipe

Vanilla Latte recipe

Coffee is a controversial topic in health circles and I could write equally supported posts about why coffee is great for you and why it is horrible. The bottom line is that when sourced correctly, coffee can have some health benefits, but there are also people who should avoid it. Like most aspects of health, the answer is personalized to who asked the question.

I’ve written before about my favorite way to drink coffee with added nutrient-dense foods like coconut oil, grass-fed butter, and sometimes spices.

I still love drinking coffee this way and often add liquid stevia or spices like cinnamon for extra flavor. When I was working to intensively support my body to get my autoimmune disease into remission, I wasn’t drinking coffee, but found that I could create the same flavors by making a strong tea of dandelion root and chicory root. I fell in love with the flavor of chicory when I visited New Orleans and sometimes prefer an herbal coffee or tea recipe like this one even when I can have caffeine.

In college, I used to subsist on vanilla lattes from the coffee shop on campus, and I still love the taste of them. Now that I’m not consuming pasteurized milk or sugars, I don’t drink coffee shop lattes and I definitely don’t drink pre-made coffee creamers (seriously… check the ingredients if you still consume these). I wanted to find a real food alternative that tasted just as good.

As an experiment, I took my original favorite coffee recipe and added collagen peptides, an easily digested form of gelatin. It was perfect and add some protein and body to the coffee.

If you can tolerate stevia, adding a few drops of English toffee or vanilla stevia makes this taste better than a coffee shop. If not, a splash of vanilla creates almost the same flavor.

I love that this recipe combines some of my favorite nutrient-rich foods and is a good combination of fats and protein. I often drink this in the morning and have tons of energy and mental focus all day.

But why is the recipe a “superfood” vanilla latte? A few extra touches:

If you are a latte fan and usually spend $3-5 on a sugar-laden one at a coffee shop, try this real food recipe instead!

What do you drink in the mornings?


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