1. Since the inauguration of this Apc. Led government of, not sure who presently runs the affairs of the country at the moment ,mainly because of Mrs. Aisha Buhari’s assertion from the other room where according to her husband she belong, that the cabal hijacked the power from her husband, and also because of the leader of IPOB,’s 90% proven allegation that an impostor in the name of jubril from sudan now occupies the Nigeria’s Aso Rock, it was very glaring from his lopsided appointment of security chiefs from among his tribesmen where his government was headed. Unfortunately our leaders allowed it. I salute the courage of former minister, Fani kayode standing up against the plans of this evil reign and initiating a handshake across the Niger as a front to defeat the fulani jihadist agenda this Apc government clearly represents, aside from the struggle for the actualization of the independent state of indigenous people of Biafra borne out of evident marginalization of all the oil region of the south , there has also been a call by our great south west regions Afeniferi that has over the years produced floods of selfless civil/ human activist, not including the likes of Bola Ahmed Tinubu Bat. (Just like his name sounds Bat! Niether bird or animal) to restructure the country for a better and stronger one Nigeria which in all have been rejected and criticized by this administration who in almost four years has no project to show except mass killing by Boko Haram, Fulani herdsman and land occupation in the middle belt, police brutality ordered by Mr. Transmission, witchhunt of political opponents in the guises of corruption fight and defection to the ruling party and be pronounced a saint. Recent gubernatorial election of some if the states of the country had suggested the direction and predetermined outcome of the 2019 general election and if there’s no alternative plan or force to end the rascality and impunity of the Apc and the federal agencies showed in the conduct of the election. We can only whine. My advice let Nigeria be restructured before future election, let buhari. Jubril or the cabal hand over to an interim government with equal representation of all federating regions.

  2. Somebody should remind Sen. Godswill Akpabio that APC is almost dead. There’s nothing in APC, or Nigeria that’s worth dying for. Akpabio, use your tongue to count your teeth. You will surely reap what you’re sowing.

  3. This country is just listing rudderlessly towards a cliff into a cataclysm from which it will never recover. There don’t seem to be any body in control, even from the presidency. The service chiefs are the ones controlling the use coercive power of the state for which they have no mandate. Something is seriously wrong.

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