23 Misleading Photos That Will Make You Do A Double Take

Sometimes you look at a photo and wonder if you’re losing your mind or something because oftentimes pictures can be very tricky. Sometimes, you’ll see something that’ll make you very confused, and you’ll need to take a second look to really understand what’s going on.

Truth be told, we don’t even need to mess around with Photoshop to create crazy images, sometimes it’s just about an oddly placed body part and a handy photographer. Most of the time, we didn’t even realize the bizarre result while taking the shots until we see the pictures. Here are 23 misleading photos that will make you do a double take.

1. Nope, that man is not sitting on that woman’s back.

2. Here’s what a strong woman looks like.

3. That’s one long kitty.

4. I guess centaurs are not mythical creatures after all!

5. When a bag looks like a beautiful sculpture.

6. This looks like a window to another world.

7. No, someone’s not holding a photograph.

8. Too much pot.

9. This would give a lot of people nightmares.

10. In case you’re worried, they actually weren’t risking the kid’s life.

11. Would you be shocked to know that the guy is actually laying down?

12. This lawn seems to have come from a world where magic exists.

13. The spider isn’t that big.

14. It looks like someone installed a piece of plastic instead of a building.

15. It took me a minute to figure this out. The rock is actually in the water.

16. I bet hugs have never been this puzzling.

17. He’s got incredibly long arms.

18. Mom and dad share a lot of things, including a body.

19. Thought he was an extremely sad person at first.

20. Naughty shadow.

21. These guys are not joined at the waist.

22. This baby doesn’t have the face of a grown man.

23. Thanks to the woman’s color block dress, her head now appears to be too big for her body.

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