Bill Skarsgård Revealed He Has An 11-Month-Old Daughter And Her Room Is Full Of Pennywise Toys

This is Bill Skarsgård, actor and brother of Alexander.

Emma Mcintyre / FilmMagic

However, behind all the makeup, this is also Bill Skarsgård.

Warner Bros.

And during the show, Bill revealed that he and his partner Alida Morberg are parents to an 11-month-old daughter. Cute!

Eamonn M. McCormack / Getty Images

What’s not so cute is the fact that their baby’s nursery is apparently full of Pennywise toys, thanks to all the It merch Bill gets given.

CBS / youtube.com

“I’ve gotten a bunch of fun merch and stuff throughout the years,” he said. “So her little baby room is filled with all these Pennywise teddy bears.”

That sounds super fun and not at all terrifying, if you ask me.

Warner Bros.

And if that wasn’t enough, Bill recently revealed in an interview with Good Morning America that he would often FaceTime his partner and their baby while in costume on set.

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