Bolt ‘ll make a better defender – Del Bosque

Former Spain coach Vicente del Bosque has backed legendary Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt to become a “very good footballer” but has said he would be better suited to playing full-back.

Bolt, 32, made his debut with Australian A-League club Central Coast Mariners on Aug. 31 playing as a winger.

However, Del Bosque, who won two Champions Leagues and two La Liga titles as Real Madrid boss before leading Spain to victory at the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012, has said Bolt’s qualities are better suited as a full-back.

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“With space, he could be a very good footballer,” Del Bosque told the Olympic Channel said of Bolt. “For a team that counter-attacks hard and transitions quickly into open space, sure he could fit in.

“He could be a full-back that covers a lot of space, but it depends because it’s not just about covering 100, or 60 or 70 metres of the pitch.

“It’s about doing that many times and that requires stamina which I do not know if he has although I’m sure he has prepared.

Without a doubt as a full-back with his back towards the crowd and near the touchline, that is probably where he would be most useful.”

Del Bosque has no doubt after watching videos of Bolt in action with the Central Coast Mariners that the eight-time Olympic gold medallist has the right attitude.

“I see a very optimistic player,” the retired coach said. “Someone who is likeable, who is smiling all the time. It’s as though he was living a child’s dream.”
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