Christina Milian Gets In Fight With A Bouncer At a Bar

Christina Milian got herself into trouble on Tuesday night while at a bar in Los Angeles. Supposedly, Ms. Milian threw a drink at the security worker there.

According to TMZ, Milian and a group of other girls, including Nicole Williams, were at the Figueroa Hotel following a Bruno Mars concert in downtown Los Angeles.

It all started when the bouncer had to tell the women they weren’t allowed to come back in because it was past the last call. However, the organization claims that the security guard allowed Williams and a couple of other women to get through, but wouldn’t allow Milian to get in.

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Milian tossed a drink at the guard right after one of her friends walked past the gate. When he tried to grab her, other men intervened and it all got worse from there.

Christina has her own side of the story though, with her representatives explaining that the hotel manager said they were all allowed to get in. However, the bouncer was aggressive and that was the primary reason for the escalation.

Moreover, they claim that Milian never threw anything, and Williams actually went to get to the manager, rather than sneaking past the guard. Via her team, the publication explained that the bouncer followed them as well after they gave up and left, subsequently calling an Uber to take them all home.

The LAPD dealt with the incident, but a police report was never filed. A representative for the hotel added that the fight was “unfortunate,” but the security and staff handled it all as best as they could. Ever since Christina broke into the entertainment industry in the early 2000’s, she hasn’t been in the media that much, with the exception of a few feuds and flings.

As her fans know, Milian is most known for a prosperous singing career, but her original intentions were to be an actress, rather than a performer. Later on, Christina earned roles in films like Pulse, Love Don’t Cost A Thing, and Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past. 

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