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(Via: @kabenny_)
Prejudice || Ikeja
Biases are everywhere.
The best of us have it in one form or another. I’ll make an example. Here in Lagos – any random bukka (local restaurant) with the name ‘Calabar Kitchen’ gets more attention than one with a ‘Yakoyo’ sign post. Why? Simple. Its because most Nigerians generally believe Calabarians do home ‘duties’ better; with cooking being our focus in this case. This belief however, is usually not formed by a personal experience but a mere hearsay that has survived many generations.
This image was shot in 2016 on a photowalk with @casey.edema. While chatting we spoke about his career, work and street photography; he expressed concerns on how safe it is shooting street et cetera.

At that time, the insurgency in North East Nigeria was peaking and Hausas, Fulanis as a matter of fact all Northerners no matter where they resided in the country – had been unconsciously judged (and are currently still judged) by many to be terrorists. The fate of all determined by a select few. Just cold.

From my personal experience, the most amiable set of Nigerians I’ve met doing street photography are the northerners just like Musa, the street cobbler pictured above. Pre-judging people before you get a chance to know them or judging people based on the experiences of others is a myopic way to live. Until we begin to see humans as one race, our humanity will continue to suffer.
Always try to get a second opinion. You cannot love the ones you judge.

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