Ceredigion pharmacist’s medicine app ‘goes worldwide’

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Gary Jones is behind an app that helps distributes medicines

A pharmacist’s idea for an app is now being used by chemists around the world.Gary Jones, from Talybont, Ceredigion, is behind an app which helps pharmacists distribute medicines to the right patients at the right time.It now has over 6,000 users, located from Canada to Australia.Mr Jones had the idea when the man who usually distributed the medicines went on holiday for a month and he was the only one who knew where patients lived.He went to an app developer who built him software “which worked brilliantly”, Mr Jones said.Two years ago, he was approached by the National Pharmaceuticals Association, which asked if it could buy a share into it, he said.”Since then, it’s grown massively, not only across Wales, but to England, Scotland and Ireland, and also we’ve got pharmacies and businesses using it in Canada and America and also we’ve got a couple in Australia,” Mr Jones said.

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The app now has over 6,000 users

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Mr Jones said he loved being a pharmacist

Not all the users are pharmacists, as the app schedules and tracks all kinds of goods, not just medicines.”It was originally designed for pharmacy but we just found that other people were uploading it from the Google Play store and using it,” Mr Jones explained.He said it was “ideal for small businesses that do a delivery as part of their business”.Mr Jones said he loves pharmacy and added: “I love being a pharmacist and it’s really nice serving a population”.

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