Japan Museum Holds On To Lost Stuffed Toy For 30 Years In Hopes To Find Its Owner

Thirty years is a long time to hang on to something — much less another child’s lost stuffed toy. But the staff from Chido Museum in the Yamagata Prefecture of Japan not only kept a lost Donald Duck stuffed toy for 30 years but even bathed it and knitted it a new set of clothes.

While other public institutions would have already donated the toy to charity, the Japanese museum opted to hold on to it in hopes of reuniting it to its owner. But three decades later, they’re still waiting for the Donald Duck stuffed toy to be picked up.

Yamagata Prefecture’s Chido Museum, located in the town of Tsuruoka, is a pretty unique place, consisting of a collection of samurai homes and some of Japan’s oldest still-standing Meiji Period Western-style buildings. However, like any museum, it also has a lost and found desk, and the museum recently shared a photo of a stuffed animal that a guest accidentally left behind.

This story was shared by the employee who manages the museum’s Twitter account. According to reports, the toy was found in the museum’s parking lot three decades ago, by the same employee who manages the Twitter account, but left the job about ten years later.

However, five years ago he started working at the museum again and noticed that even after all this time, no one had been able to bring themselves to get rid of the lost toy that a child probably dropped before their vacationing family got back on the road and headed out of town.

Since it has lost a bit of its luster in the past 30 years, the staff then decided to give it a bath and a new set of clothes.

The tweet added that they are still taking good care of the duck after all these years.

As sweet as the idea is, the museum’s goal is still to one day reunite the stuffed animal with the child who dropped it, who is an adult now and could possibly have a Twitter account. The museum hopes that all the exposure its tweet has been getting will help spread the word and eventually reach Donald’s rightful owner.

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