Melania Trump Doppelgänger In TI Video Is Receiving “Death Threats”

Following the release of TI’s latest music video last Friday, a wave of Republicans and supporters of Melania slammed the rapper’s decision to put a Melania doppelganger in his new video. A “#boycottTI,” hashtag began trending online.

And, unfortunately, the model who portrayed Melania in the video is now receiving a considerable amount of death threats. The aptly titled, Melania Marden, said to Inside Edition, “somebody was going to hit me with their car.”

Another person, the model explained, hoped for her to be raped and murdered. As fans of the rapper know, he detests Donald Trump, and his latest album takes a few shots at him.

In a video she shared on Instagram earlier in the week, she said once again that “there is no need for death threats,” making fun of Melania while in character.

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“Life is short. Relax, and be kind. Be Best,” Marden added, in reference to Melania’s anti-bullying campaign. Hollywood elites, celebrities, and media personalities took Trump to task for the inappropriate grammar in the title of her initiative.

A more grammatically correct version would be, “Be Better,” rather than “Be Best.” Bad grammar or not, people in the White House aren’t pleased with the portrayal.

Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s communication director, said to People Magazine that Melania is the First Lady Of The United States, and deserves to be treated with respect.

Marden later told Inside Edition that the irony of the FLOTUS’ initiative is that Melania’s husband, Donald, does his fair share of bullying as well. The model later said she wasn’t really insulting or degrading Melania.

Melania, like Donald, has received a lot of hate as well. Over the summer months, the FLOTUS wore a green jacket that had the words, “I don’t care, do you?” on the back of it.


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Several months later, she confirmed that she felt inspired to wear the jacket because of the “liberal media,” and their continual criticism of her choice of attire.


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