Ronnie-Ortiz Magro’s Girlfriend Jen Harley Blames ‘Jersey Shore’ For Their Problems – Wants Him To Quit!

Ronnie-Ortiz Magro’s girlfriend Jen Harley blames Jersey Shore for all of their problems. The woman took to social media to answer some of her followers’ questions, and that is when she shared her opinion on the show and how it affected their relationship.

‘So bored! Another 2 hours left!! Entertain me! Ask away, be nice,’ she posted while on a flight.

Soon enough, many fans started asking whatever they were curious about and got their answers.

‘I know you won’t answer this but how do you like being on Jersey Shore,’ someone eventually asked, prompting Jen to admit that ‘Honestly the show has been the route to all our problems.’

Someone else wanted to know if ‘Would you want Ron to quit JS to make ur relationship better and peaceful?,’ and her response was easy: ‘DUH.’

Furthermore, Jen confessed she had never watched the show.

‘How do you feel seeing yourself on Jersey Shore,’ one fan inquired.

‘I legit do not watch the show,’ Jen said.

It turns out that even though she is on it, Jen Harley is not a big fan of Jersey Shore.

After all, her and Ronnie’s issues are always so public she probably feels really exposed.

The two have had a very tumultuous and filled with drama romance and the show has documented all that for the small screens.

Most shockingly, Jen was arrested when after a particularly bad fight, she dragged her baby daddy with her car, injuring his arm.

Despite this, Ronnie has still been defending her and they continue to be together and joke about their issues.


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Ronnie and Jen are the parents of a six months old baby girl named Ariana and are really trying to make it work for her sake.


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