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Rufai Oseni Biography, Age, Pictures, Wife, Wiki, Health, Net Worth

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Rufai Oseni Linkedin About Profile

Rufai Oseni has been a featured guest speaker at top Ivy League towers including Cambridge University and University of Sussex, amongst others.

Oseni Rufai is a toastmaster per excellence. He has moderated panel sessions for various ministries of the Nigerian government and the government of Mauritius. He has also anchored top-class dinners for British Airways and the American government. He is a member of various toastmasters organization, within Nigeria and abroad. Again, he has facilitated trainings for top management staff of Microsoft and Nielsen group. Rufai understands precision and timing which are important elements of his job. He has hosted events for several banks in Nigeria including Skye bank.

Rufai Oseni has worked at several radio stations across Nigeria.

He is passionate about using technology as a panacea for national development. He was a mentor at Ideas Hub and has chaired various technology conferences in the country.

Oseni Rufai is Co-founder of, an e-commerce site, he also does advisory for various tech companies in Nigeria.

Rufai Oseni has a drive for education and has taught English Language at the National Open University of Nigeria’s various study centres. He has a network of over 5000 Nigerian students which he mentors across Nigerian universities. He is on the planning committee for Global Entrepreneurship Week at the Lagos Business School.

List Of Places, Radio Stations Where Rufai Oseni Has Worked:

JFM Radio Warri 2003-2012

Unique fm Ilesa 2012

Gold Fm Ilesa 2012

Ogun state television – Sports Analyst 2012

Ogun state Radio – Radio Presenter

Osun state Government 2012-2013 (Media consultant Osun youth empowerment scheme)

Inspiration Fm 2012- till date

Advisory Eureka kapital 2014 – Till date

Member Lagos State disability Management think tank (office of the special adviser on disability) 2015- 2017

BBC Bristol Analyst on African Issues 2014-till date

TV continental Analyst on small business and Economy 2017-

Facilitator Nigerian Bar Association conference 2021

Speaker Judge business school Cambridge, University of Cambridge

Speaker Politics and Electioneering in Africa University of Sussex Brighton

Speaker University of East of London

Speaker Ted X Isale General Ladoke Akintola University Ogbomoso

Convener Empowerment Series 2015- Till date

Co founder loyalbonus ecommerce company

Mentor idea hub Nigeria 2015- 2017

Trainnee AIICO insurance Management retreat 2018

Top Management Trainer on Media integration Microsoft Nigeria

Trainner Nielsen Group 2017

Co Founder Edupear Education Innovation learning hub 2016.Old Pictures of Rufai Oseni before losing weight

Picture of Rufai Oseni and Ooni Of Ife Ogunwusi

NEO Media Group: Rufai Oseni is a Director and CEO of NEO media group, an emerging pan African media group.

Videos of Rufai Oseni on YouTube: Watch

Rufai Oseni Education, School

Oseni Rufai attended Federal Government College, Odogbolu in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Rufai Oseni is a graduate of Animal Anatomy & Physiology. He studied at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

Lagos Business School

(Entrepreneurship Management)

Oseni Rufai State Of Origin: Where is Rufai Oseni from? Which State is Rufai Oseni from? Rufai Oseni is from Ogun State, Nigeria.

Rufai Oseni Tribe, Home Town, Village: Rufai Oseni is Yoruba by tribe. Oseni Rufai hails from Odogbolu in Ogun State, South-West part of Nigeria.

Oseni Rufai Religion: Is Rufai Oseni a Christian or a Muslim? Oseni Rufai is a Christian.Image of Rufai Oseni and Pastor Kumuyi Of Deeper Life Church.

Oseni Rufai Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Rufai Oseni was born on 8 April 1980s.

Rufai Oseni Real Age: How old is Oseni Rufai? Rufai Oseni is in his late 30s.Old Childhood photo of Rufai Oseni
10 Years Challenge (Throwback Photo Of Rufai Oseni 10 Years Ago)

Oseni Rufai Height And Weight

Rufai Oseni Height: How tall is Rufai Oseni? Oseni Rufai is 5’6 feet tall.Picture of Rufai Oseni standing at 5″6 Feet Tall (Height)

Rufai Oseni Weight: Rufai Oseni currently weighs 98kg after losing weight. He lost 23kg.

Oseni Rufai Health And Weight Loss: Before And After Weight Loss Pictures

Rufai Oseni Health: (Sickness, Illness) – Is Oseni Rufai sick? Rufai Oseni was sick, he had health challenges which made him lose a lot of weight on his own.

Rufai Oseni lost his weight through diet and not through surgery.

Rufai Oseni had health conditions and challenges such as heart attack in 2020, High Blood pressure as his BP was 260/160. Oseni Rufai eyes were also affected, his hand was affected too as he couldn’t drive his cars for a while.

Oseni Rufai went to hospital in 2020 and the Doctors told him to stay healthy and change his diet and lifestyle.Before And After Weight Loss Pictures of Rufai Oseni
Old photos of Oseni Rufai Before losing weight and recent new photos of Rufai Oseni After he lost weight On Health Reason (Amazing Transformation Photos of Rufai Oseni)

Rufai Oseni Weight Loss: Oseni Rufai was fat, on the big plus-sized. His weight was 121kg but he embarked on a weight loss journey which saw him reducing his weight from 121kg to 98kg, losing 23kg.

Oseni Rufai revealed about his health condition, sickness, disease and why he lost so much weight In March 2021, on his Twitter page. Rufai Oseni said:

People asked me why I lost weight because I had a heart attack last year and the Doctors told me to stay healthy and change my diet and lifestyle. I am better for it. Don’t wait till you get a heart attack pls stay healthy today.”

“Hospital feel numbness of left hand bp was 260/160 when I got to hospital let’s all watch our health.”

“There were other happenings I can’t state. My eyes were affected too but we thank God I am better now.”

“I had to use therapy for my left hand back couldn’t drive for a while. Let me not scare people”

Twitter user, Yomi Ojeleba asked him “Will appreciate if you can recommend the kind of food to be eating.”

He replied: “Low carb healthy oils and a lot of fruits and veggies.”

His Twitter follower, Rotimi A reacted:

“Thank God … You should share your experience… shortness of breadth, kick in the chest feeling… high BP.. dizziness. Who discovered it was a heart attack vs indigestion etc .”

“Sounds like a Pre -stroke. Have a friend who was holding his shampoo but couldn’t feel it. He had a stroke a few hours later. Glad you nipped it in the bud. “

Sharing his current, recent photo on his Instagram page, Rufai Oseni wrote : This is what I look like now you too can do it. 6.47am I have done 800 jumping jacks already what are you waiting for.”

Rufai Oseni Weight Loss Story: Oseni Rufai took to his Instagram account to narrate how he lost weight and also shared his before and after weight loss photos.

Back story:

I used to be a big man I weighed 121kg at my peak and I wasn’t exercising,I eat all the wrong stuff and I was killing myself. As I wasn’t a drinker or had other habits my only past time was books and good food.I remember having a box of pizza while I would read overnight. My sleep was poor and I felt bloated until I felt sick my bp was too high and my transformation started I guess a lot of people are surprised today from 121kg I now weight 98kg. I am still a work in progress thanks to my nutritionist and all my doctors for all the good work. I had to fight for my life and I had to stay healthy. I can tell you for free weight kills so eat healthy I have stopped eating suya formerly I had shares in Glover court, I had a 10 percent discount in most restaurants but today I don’t eat out again I only eat organic and thanks to my chef. So I am not holding my breath I have just lost 23kg. You too can do it.”

Sharing his Throwback photo 4 years ago vs his recent new looks and pictures, Oseni Rufai wrote on his Instagram page:

This was what I looked like 4 years ago.”

Transformation Photos of Rufai Oseni (Before & After Pics)

Rufai Oseni Dead Or Alive? Oseni Rufai is alive and not dead. He is now with Arise News.

Where Is Rufai Oseni Now? Rufai Oseni is now working with Arise News (Arise TV).

Rufai Oseni Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Siblings: Oseni Rufai was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Oseni in Ogun State. He has other siblings brothers and sisters.

Pictures of Rufai Oseni Sisters

Rufai Oseni’s mother is late while his father is still alive.

Pictures of Rufai Oseni parents
Rufai Oseni Father, Pictures: Rufai Oseni’s father, Mr Oseni is still very much alive. Meet Rufai Oseni Father (Photo)

Meet the father of Oseni Rufai. Rufai Oseni shared photos of his father on Instagram to celebrate his birthday and wrote;

My dad has been more than a dad he has been a best friend confidant, ally. He is the only one that truly understand me. I remember in secondary school I was in science class and he was never happy he wanted me to study arts and do languages because he knew my strength today with a degree in Animal physiology and reproductive anatomy.I am a journalist and he always says I told you. We have been through a lot and I love him so much. I am blessed to have parents that love me dearly. I remember the day he had a seizure we the only ones in the room together and he is knocked out and his mouth foaming, I had to rush him to the hospital and carried him watch him all through the night, He has been in so many comas and we have survived together. I love him dearly the first one I call everyday my best friend. You know my dad will tell me destiny brought us together. You need to see the joy on his eyes anytime he sees me and most importantly he is a prayer warrior. I celebrate you today. Its your birthday happy birthday. You know we have been through hell and back but we will win more together. I love you dear soulmate you just happen to be my dad but you know we are soulmates.”

Rufai Oseni Mother: Oseni Rufai mother is late. She died many years ago.

Picture of Rufai Oseni late mother

Remembering his late mother on 29th December 2020, Rufai Oseni shared his mum’s picture and wrote:

Today many years ago, I lost the queen of my heart, my endless love, my mum. I love you so much and I will always love you.”

Rufai Oseni Married, Marriage, Wedding Pictures: Is Rufai Oseni married? No, Oseni Rufai is not yet married. His Facebook profile bio says that he is single and not married.

Rufai Oseni Wife: Who is Oseni Rufai wife, name, pictures? Rufai Oseni does not have a wife yet and has not revealed who his wife to be or fianceé is.

Oseni Rufai Girlfriend, Fianceé, Relationship, Engagement, Engaged: Who is Rufai Oseni Girlfriend, fianceé? Is Oseni Rufai engaged?

Rufai Oseni has not revealed who his girlfriend or fianceé is. It’s not clear if he is in a relationship or engaged. Oseni Rufai keeps his private life, personal.

Rufai Oseni Children, Son, Daughter: It’s not clear if Oseni Rufai has a child or not. He often posts pictures of his nieces and nephews.

Oseni Rufai posted a video with a girl child who some people claim is his daughter.

Sexuality, sexual Orientation: Is Rufai Oseni Gay, Bisexual Or Straight? Oseni Rufai is straight.

Rufai Oseni Net Worth 2022, 2021, Forbes, Naira, Dollars, Salary

How Much is Oseni Rufai net worth?

Rufai Oseni net worth is about $700,000 US Dollars.

Rufai Oseni Salary, Pay: How much is Oseni Rufai salary? Rufai Oseni salary is about ₦250,000 – ₦400,000 Naira.

Oseni Rufai House and Cars

Rufai Oseni Phone Number WhatsApp Contact: Oseni Rufai can be contacted via his Instagram page and email address and Facebook, Twitter.

Rufai Oseni Instagram: Oseni Rufai instagram page Account Profile Handle is rufaioseni .


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