The arrest of Prince Deji Adeyanju for peacefully protesting about the shameful

The arrest of Prince Deji Adeyanju for peacefully protesting about the shameful behaviour of the police in Akwa Ibom and elsewhere represents the last kick of a government that can best be described as a dying horse.

I condemn it in the strongest terms and I call for Deji’s immediate and unconditional release.



  1. Deji celebrated the unlawful invasion of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s home by the Nigerian military for lawfully demanding for referendum to determine the status of our people in Nigeria. Now same Deji has been arrested for peacefully and lawfully protesting at the front of the US embassy in Nigeria. I wish all the people who were happy that the military attacked and almost killed Kanu exactly the same thing that they wished him.

  2. No matter the hurt or insult of yesterday, it could be out of error of judgement, please don’t support tyranny of any kind. Holding Prince Deji in this manner is tyrannical, and if they succeed with him they will come for you and I… let’s do it for ourselves. #ReleaseDeji

  3. FFk for the fact that I love u and ur writeups, doesn’t mean I will agree with this one no, mbanu, deji must remain their for insulting our onye ndu, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and entire Biafrans. Let him die there for all I care, he deserves it even more than that.

  4. When this boy was insulting my leader I told him to go and ask Kenneth okonkwo how market. NNAMDI KANU is my leader and my prophet you can never try him and go free. Ask ohanaeze Igbo or governors of south east their blood status or their sleeping level today.

  5. Deji should remain in buhari’s prison bcos he condemned d truth from Nnamdi Kanu. Anyone who fights against Nnamdi Kanu is against the will of God and will live to receive the purnishment.

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