The flagbearer of the opposition party travels to Dubai for a rest and to meet w

The flagbearer of the opposition party travels to Dubai for a rest and to meet with other party leaders for a discussion about the way forward.

The reaction of the ruling party is to call on the security agencies to probe all those that attended the meetng.

Is this not madness?



  1. Now digest this for this night and see that we are in trouble in this country, very serious trouble.

    Here are some of the prominent names that helped send Buhari to Aso Rock.

    1. Dr. Oby Ezekwesili
    2. Fela Durotoye
    3. Atiku Abubakar
    4. Omoyele Sowore
    5. Donald Duke
    6. Chief Obasanjo
    7. Professor Charles Soludo
    8. Pastor Tunde Bakare
    9. Pastor Sunday Adelaja
    10. Father Ejike Mbaka
    11. Professor Pastor Yemi Osibanjo
    12. Professor Tam David West
    13. Professor Wole Soyinka
    14. Rev. Chris Okotie

    These people actually believed that Buhari had what it takes to lead Nigeria into a first world.

    These people went to school. Many are professors. Some claimed to have direct access to God.

    Some are gifted with “prophesies”.

    They read history. They understood international relations. They understood how societies work or so we thought.

    They were more than 20 years old in 1983 when Buhari shot himself to power.

    They saw Buhari murder innocent Nigerians in 1983

    They saw Buhari destroy the economy in 1983

    They saw the role Buhari played in Abacha’s government.

    They read all the threats of violence by Buhari against the nation.

    They saw Buhari harras Lam Adesina Oyo State Governor because of Fulani herdsmen

    They saw Buhari led the sharia protest that claimed the lives of innocent Nigerians in 2001.

    They saw everything this man did. They knew him too well to miss the little details of his violent life.

    But they were united in hatred.

    Hatred for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. One among the few Nigeria leaders that actually wanted Nigeria to work.

    They exploited his humility.

    They exploited his kindness.

    They danced and made merry in Ojota.

    They mobilised thugs to stone a sitting President.

    They harassed his family wherever they went.

    Because they are from the hated minority who must not be king.

    For Kings must come from the Fulani lineage.

    Jonathan must not loot also.

    For looters must come from enablers of evil.

    These are intellectuals.

    Amongst whom are Pastors and Prophets

    Wisdom failed

    Prophesies failed

    If WAEC issued fake WAEC attestation to Buhari

    It is possible many Nigerian “intellectuals” are working with fake certificates.

    The tragedy of a people

    The tragedy of a country

    Nigeria is calling

    Nigeria is dying

    Whether you are pagan – it doesn’t matter.

    Whether you are Christian – it doesn’t matter

    Whether you are a Moslem – that is not important

    Whether you are a traditionalist – you all are needed

    As long as you are human and still care for humanity – You are needed

    We all are standing on the podium of history.

    Surely our children will read the roles we played in the salvation or annihilation of humanity.

  2. We have beautiful, brilliant, strong and intelligent women of national and international repute, standard and pedigrees in Nigeria and yet Oshiomole married a foreigner. Oshomole should be prosecuted for marrying a foreigner!!!

  3. After all is said and done, if you guys fail in this election, posterity will judge all of you.

    I’m worried about your approach! This situation is akin to the travails of Israel during their captivity in the days of Daniel. There were political gladiators, opposition groups etc, but they couldn’t achieve anything. They almost overstayed their captivity again like they did in Egypt, until Daniel realised it. Thank God he did.. Thank God he also understood what steps to take to turn Israel’s captivity.

    So I hope you guys know the full scope of what we are going through, and more importantly, I hope you guys know what is required to free Nigeria. Good luck to all of us!

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