“There isn’t a single thinking brain left in the PDP”- Governor Nasir El Rufai.

“There isn’t a single thinking brain left in the PDP”- Governor Nasir El Rufai.

I do not want to sound too harsh on an old friend but I will say this: those that insist on remaining in the APC despite its glaring failures and incompetence have NO brain at all: they have replaced it with cow dung.



  1. People that will not vote for Muhammadu Buhari in 2019!

    1. The Intellects
    2. Victims of Fulani Attack
    3. 9million Nigerians that lost their jobs
    4. 20million youths he called lazy and useless youths
    5. Shittes
    6. Victims of Python Dance
    7. People that want Nigeria to grow
    8. Apc members oppressed by Oshiomole
    9. Marginalized people!
    10. All the people affected by economic meltdown
    11. All the people who were deceived in 2015
    12. Anybody who lives in Nigeria, and has a good sense of history and yearns for a better life

  2. A Party that has Dalung as Minister, Rochas and Yahaya Bello as Governors and Buhari as President is saying “no brain in PDP”. Ori yin ti daru!


  3. How Buhari and APC Spent Their Three And Half Years in Office
    (May 2015 till date).

    1] 6 months to Appoint Ministers

    2] 2 years blaming Goodluck Jonathan

    3] 9 months on Nnamdi Kanu

    4] 6 months fighting Saraki and Senators

    5] 12 months fighting Shiites

    6] 6 months in London Hospital (Thank God, Baba is hale and hearty now)

    7] Remaining days are for APC crisis and 2019 Campaign.

    Bye bye Buhari! ‘What a colossal waste’

  4. Mr ffk I love your response in fact it worth reading and reading and reading again. Only cows brain person will say all is well in this country with this administration,, buhari can only govern on vows not humans.

  5. Nigerians haven’t forgotten how you described Buhari in 2011 unless those that have no brain in APC. If you have brain you won’t be paying herdsmen to kill your people. This is the same congo pygmie that said fulanis don’t forgive people.

  6. 👆🏻Oshiomole in USA with his ONLY direct foreign investment, his fine wife. Pls watch his designer blazer, shoes and jeans. In Nigeria he wears khaki to deceive us!! 🙄🤔

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