Tricks that make AirPods use easy

Using AirPods is super simple: Take them out of the case put them in your ears, and then you are ready.  Everyone knows the basic ways to use them, like double tapping to play/pause audio or charging AirPods by putting them in the case. But there are a bunch of great, not-so-well-known features of the AirPods that make them more useful and fun according to
The button on the AirPod case Is not on/off
It is not surprising if you have thought that the button on the AirPods case is for turning the earbuds on and off. What else would that button do? Well, it is actually not for turning the AirPods or their case on and off. Instead, you use that button to set up the AirPods or to reset them as part of fixing problems or getting ready to sell your AirPods.
Pair AirPods with devices other than the iPhone
You may think of AirPods as something you only use with the iPhone or maybe the iPad, but you can actually use them with all kinds of devices. Sure, they work with Macs, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. But they can also be connected to Android phones, game systems, Windows computers, and virtually any other device that supports Bluetooth. On non-Apple devices, they work like wireless earbuds and don’t have all of their coolest features, but they still work and look great.
AirPods + Apple Watch=on the go audio
Heading out for a run, hike, bike ride, or trip to the gym? You can leave your iPhone behind and just take your Apple Watch and AirPods to minimise weight while still enjoying audio. To do this, just follow these simple steps:
On your Apple Watch, open control center (swipe up from the bottom when looking at the watch face)
Tap the AirPlay icon (three rings with a triangle in the bottom)
Select your AirPods
Find your lost AirPods
With AirPods being so small, losing them is a constant risk. Luckily, Apple has added support for finding lost or stolen AirPods to its widely used (and very effective) Find my iPhone tool.
Get wireless charging for cheap
The second generation AirPods offers all kinds of cool, new features and one of the coolest is that the case supports wireless charging. With them, instead of having to plug the AirPods in to top up the battery, just place the case on a wireless charging mat and you are good to go. Those are cool features, but maybe not cool enough to get you to shell out US$199 for a whole new set of AirPods. But how about $79 instead? You can just buy the wireless charging case for that price and use it with your existing AirPods.
Different lights mean different things
Ever notice that the status light on your AirPods changes color? Like the status light on the iPod Shuffle (remember that?), those colors provide useful information about what is happening with the AirPods. Here is what they mean:
Green light: earbuds in case: AirPods are fully charged
Green light, without earbuds in case: Case is fully charged
Orange light: Less than one charge remains in case battery
Flashing orange light: AirPods need to be set up again
Flashing white light: AirPods are ready for set up
Check AirPods battery life
Without a screen, and with just the status light to go on, it can be pretty hard to figure out how much battery your AirPods or the case have left. There are a number of ways to check battery life, including a couple of options on the iPhone, a way on the Mac, and even with an audio alert.
Customise double-tap actions
By default, double-tapping your AirPods makes them play or pause the audio you are listening to, or answer a phone call. But did you know you can customise AirPods settings and have the double tap trigger different actions? In fact, you can make each AirPod do a different thing when double tapped. Here is how:
An iOS device, tap the settings app
Tap Bluetooth
Tap the i icon next to your AirPods
Find the double-tap on AirPod section, and then select left or right. This determines which of your AirPods you will change the settings for
Choose what you want to have happen when you double tap that AirPod: Siri, play/pause, next track, previous track, and off (choose this and nothing happens when you double tap the AirPod)
Control your AirPods’ microphone
Both AirPods have a microphone built into them so that no matter which you have in your ear, you can always talk on the phone or use Siri (more on that in a moment). But you can also assign the microphone to only ever work on one AirPod and not the other by following these steps:
On an iOS device, tap settings ->Bluetooth ->i icon next to your AirPods
Tap microphone
Tap always left AirPod or always right AirPod, depending on which you want to use
AirPods can tell you who is calling
With your AirPods configured the right way, you will never have to take your phone out of your pocket to find out who is calling you. That is because your AirPods can actually announce who the call is from to help you decide whether you want to answer it now or not. Here is what you need to do to enable this feature:
On your iPhone, tap the settings app
Tap Phone
Tap announce calls
Tap headphones only
Use AirPods as a hearing aid
This might be the coolest hidden AirPods feature of all. If you are using AirPods with an iPhone, you can turn the iPhone into a remote listening device and the AirPods into a hearing aid. Imagine this: you are in a crowded, noisy restaurant or bar and it is almost impossible to hear the person you are trying to talk to. If you turn this feature on and place the iPhone near that person, the iPhone’s microphone will pick up what they say and send it to your AirPods for easier listening. Here is how to make this work:
On the iPhone, tap settings
Tap control center
Tap customise controls
Tap the + icon next to hearing
Connect your AirPods to your iPhone
Open control center and tap the hearing icon (it looks like an ear)
Tap live listen
Talk to Siri with AirPods
Both generations of AirPods can let you talk to Siri (as long as the earbuds are connected to an Apple device that runs Siri; not for Android users). On the 1st Generation model, a double tap activates Siri. On the 2nd Generation model, just say “Hey Siri.” Ask Siri to do things like send a text message, check AirPods battery life, raise or lower volume, skip songs, and more.
Share audio with a friend
If you have got iOS 13 on your iPhone, you can share audio with a friend who has AirPods and it is super simple. Here is what to do:
You and your friend both need to be within range of your iPhone (a couple of dozen feet) and have your AirPods in your ears
Start playing audio on your iPhone
Open control center
Open the music controls
Both AirPods will appear there. Just tap on both of them and you will be listening to the same audio in no time
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