Volta Football is exactly what ‘FIFA 20’ needs

As you might expect, your Volta avatar isn’t that good right after you create them, but you can help them get better by trying different skill challenges and playing different tournaments. Not only do you gain skill attributes by playing well and winning street matches, but you also get Volta points you can spend on clothes, accessories and shoes to make your player look more swaggy. Mine started out at level 65 (out of 100) and now I’m above 70, plus he’s now wearing cool camo joggers and Adidas gear, which I was able to to buy after hours of playing.Volta World and League, for their part, are an extension of Volta Story. League is where you can play Volta Football against friends and other people online, while World lets you explore the different street venues in the game and play matches there — though you’ll need to have unlocked the pitches in story mode before you can do play in some. Each location in this virtual tour has unique court with different match types, so you can play 3v3 (no goalkeepers), 4v4, 5v5 or even professional futsal (indoors) depending on which city you choose. It’s great because playing in NYC, Mexico City, London or any of the other cities in Volta feels different.I’ll definitely miss The Journey, as I think it was one of the best features to come to the FIFA franchise in years, but Volta Football makes FIFA 20 feel fresh — and I’m perfectly content with that.Manager press conference in FIFA 20 Career Mode.Although Volta Football is obviously the biggest addition to the latest edition of FIFA, EA Sports also made significant changes to Career Mode, which were long overdue. For starters, you’ll have a chance to create and choose female characters as your manager, a first for the game. Unlike previous years, when you could only pick your manager from a group of standard, dull characters, in FIFA 20 you can customize their body type, skin tone, clothing and hairstyle. Additionally, EA took a cue from Football Manager and will now let your manager attend pre- and post-match press conferences, where your answers to questions from reporters will affect your team’s and individual players’ morale.The changes extend to the classic gameplay, where EA has tried to make the game more realistic with tweaks that mimic real-world players and matches. With Composed Finishing and Controlled Tackling, for instance, shooting and defending is so much better that it won’t take long for FIFA fans to notice. Composed Finishing makes scoring harder, especially in situations like volleys, and Controlled Tackling makes it so that when you play as a defender you have to time your tackles just right if you want to keep control of the ball.EA says it wanted these new animations to make FIFA 20 feel like “true-to-life” experience, and it shows throughout the entire game.

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